Vegan Starters at Yak & Yeti | Vegan Restaurant in Colchester

Yak & Yeti Colchester is one the top Vegan Restaurants in Colchester. Currently at Yak & Yeti we have some great but limited selection of Vegan Starter Dishes. We are working on to upgrade our Vegan Menu soon. Check out some of the Vegan Starter dishes we serve:

  1. Veg Samosa:  Samosa is one of the most popular Indian starters. You can find this dish in most of the Indian & Nepalese Restaurants in the U.K. This triangular shaped savoury pastry is filled with potatoes, peas and other vegetables. Perfectly served with homemade chutney.
  2. Onion Bhaji: This is the ultimate Indian snack. In India, whatever the occasion, you will certainly find this dish. It consists of onion slices, marinated with gram flour, spice, deep fried and served with salad.
  3. Veg MO:MO (dumplings): The most popular dish in Nepal. MO:MO is gradually establishing itself as a pioneer Nepalese dish in the U.K. however, it actually is a Tibetan dish. Steamed dumpling filled with spiced vegetable. It is served with homemade chutney (aka Achar). Every restaurant has their own type of chutney.
  4. Okra Fries: Fresh Okra slices battered and fried. This Indian style baked okra chips make a great guilt-free and vegan snack or side.