Nepalese Starters at Yak & Yeti Colchester

At Yak & Yeti, Colchester, you will find a unique blend of Indian and Tibetan influenced, Nepalese Starters. Nepalese starters are simple, satisfying and some of them are filling too.


The most popular Nepalese Starters consist of MO:MO which is heavily influenced by Tibetan cooking style. Without a doubt, MO:MO is Nepalese favourite dish, especially in Kathmandu Valley, and can be served as an entree or main. At Yak & Yeti, you can find Veg MO:MO, Meat MO:MO as well as panĀ fried MO:MO.


Other Nepalese Starters consists of mainly meats with herbs, adding a mix of fresh and smoky flavours. Meat is often marinated, grilled and served for e.g. Pokhareli Duck.

Below are some of the Nepalese Starters we serve at Yak & Yeti, Colchester:


  1. MO: MO (Dumpling): Steamed dumpling filled with spiced Veg. Served with special chutney (aka Achar).
  2. Crispy MO: MO (Crispy Dumpling) Veg or Lamb: Pan fried steamed dumpling filled with spiced Veg or Meat or Chicken. Served with special chutney.
  3. Pokhareli Duck: Pieces of duck breast marinated with garlic, ginger, yoghurt and Nepalese spices and barbecued in clay oven.
  4. Piro-Piro Jhinga (Prawn): A delicious medium spicy tiger prawn tossed with garlic & chilly served with fried bread.
  5. Lamb Bhutuwa (As Mains as well): Boneless lamb cooked with onion, tomatoes, peppers, Nepalese herbs and spring onion.

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