Nepalese Food Culture | A Beginners Guide

Every country or region has its own food culture and Nepal is no different. Below are some of the interesting facts about Nepalese food culture:


  1. The most common meal found in every house of Nepal is Dal (Lentils), Bhat (Rice) and Tarkari (Veg) sometimes with chutney on the side. You will find this dish in every hotel and household.
  2. Dal, Bhat & Tarkari is generally eaten twice a day, mainly as Lunch & Dinner.
  3. MO: MO (dumpling) is the most popular street food in Nepal. You will find MO:MO shop (aka BHATTI) in every corner of the town.
  4. Milked Tea (aka Chiya) is the most popular hot drink consumed all day and can be found in every small shop.
  5. The most widely consumed meat in Nepal is the goat meat.
  6. Nepalese people worship Cow; hence you will hardly find Beef food items. But buffalo meat (aka Buff) can be found mostly in Kathmandu, which is widely used for MO: MO filling.
  7. In villages, Meat is not consumed every day. Hence, they cook meat mostly during festivals or when some one special visits them.