Famous Indian Starters at Yak & Yeti Colchester

Indian Cuisine does not just stop at main course dishes and desserts. An extensive range of Starter dishes are available too that can get your taste buds tingling. Here, we have brought for you some dishes that we have on offer that you may try out.



This is probably the best known Indian Starter. It is a type of type of baked pastry with savoury fillings in a triangle shape. The fillings may include potatoes, onions and peas and minced meat. It is sometimes served with a chutney sauce.


Aloo Tikki Chat

Aloo Tikki Chat is yet another delicious starter that is made using potatoes. It is mashed potatoes that are filled with spiced lentils and green peas and is served with chickpeas, yoghurt and peppery sweet chutney. Aloo Tikki Chat is a wonderful way to get your taste buds ready for the spices of the main course dishes without filling you up completely.


Onion Bhaji

Indian Fritters, commonly recognised as ‘Bhaji’ are fried dishes generally made from a mixture of vegetables coated in a richly seasoned batter made from gram flour. Onion Bhaji is Onion slices marinated with fresh ginger, garlic and aromatic pickled spices. Much like the Samosas, it is sometimes served with a chutney sauce.



Indian Tikkas that are served as a Starter have a more intense and fresh taste to them. We offer both Veg and Non-veg Tikkas, all with a variety of different herbs and spices to give them a much deeper flavour. These Tikkas are often served with a Salad and some form of Dip for you to enjoy.